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Raiden Ticker

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Raiden Ticker is an experiment project aims to exploere an opportunity to integrate Raiden's payment channel with IoT devices, on this case we made a ticker which is LED Matrix controls by ESP8266 where the user can send a scrolling text message to the board for instance like if someone want to promote an advertisement in text only format into particular digital signboard, a charge occurs whenever the device retreives a message from the terminal (node.js backend) in real-time with Raiden's payment channel.

Video Demo


How To Test

This demo system has setup 2 Raiden node as following:

For anyone interesting on setup the server shall take a look at

The installation uses 3 packages to install

  • Firmware - the fireware is contains a module to running a LED matrix and pick up the tasks via Wifi
  • Node.js Backend - A REST API server that aims to run on Raspberry PI and given tasks to the ESP8266 device.
  • React Fronend - A web console that connects to API server, uses for check a system's availablity and manage tasks.

Node.js backend

npm install
npm start

Once server is running, ensure that the device has set the API host correctly.

React Frontend

yarn start

In this demo system, we have built-in users which are Alice and Bob, Bob owns the device which means only alice can create a task.

Further Improvement

  • Would be replaced pounchDB with solidity's smart contract or other smart contract platform
  • Supports various of devices
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