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#encoding: utf-8
from chainer import Chain
from chainer.initializers import HeNormal, Normal
import chainer.functions as F
import chainer.links as L
from spectral_norms import define_conv
from atrous_conv import define_atrous_conv
class ASPP(Chain):
def __init__(self, opt, input_ch, input_resolution=65):
#get options
nf = opt.aspp_nf
#this rate is dilate size based original paper.
x65_rate = [6, 12, 18]
rate = [round(x * input_resolution / 65) for x in x65_rate]
he_w = HeNormal()
with self.init_scope():
self.x1 = define_conv(opt)(input_ch, nf, ksize=1, initialW=he_w)
self.x1_bn = L.BatchNormalization(nf)
self.x3_small = define_atrous_conv(opt)(input_ch, nf, ksize=3, rate=rate[0], initialW=he_w)
self.x3_small_bn = L.BatchNormalization(nf)
self.x3_middle = define_atrous_conv(opt)(input_ch, nf, ksize=3, rate=rate[1], initialW=he_w)
self.x3_middle_bn = L.BatchNormalization(nf)
self.x3_large = define_atrous_conv(opt)(input_ch, nf, ksize=3, rate=rate[2], initialW=he_w)
self.x3_large_bn = L.BatchNormalization(nf)
self.sum_func = define_conv(opt)(nf * 4, input_ch, ksize=3, pad=1, initialW=he_w)
self.activation = F.relu
def __call__(self, x):
h1 = self.x1(x)
h1 = self.x1_bn(h1)
h1 = self.activation(h1)
h2 = self.x3_small(x)
h2 = self.x3_small_bn(h2)
h2 = self.activation(h2)
h3 = self.x3_middle(x)
h3 = self.x3_middle_bn(h3)
h3 = self.activation(h3)
h4 = self.x3_large(x)
h4 = self.x3_large_bn(h4)
h4 = self.activation(h4)
out = F.concat((h1, h2, h3, h4), axis=1)
out = self.sum_func(out)
out = self.activation(out)
return out
class PixelShuffler(Chain):
def __init__(self, opt, input_ch, output_ch, rate=2):
he_w = HeNormal()
output_ch = output_ch * rate**2
with self.init_scope():
self.c = define_conv(opt)(input_ch, output_ch, ksize=3, stride=1, pad=1, initialW=he_w)
self.ps_func = lambda x: F.depth2space(x, rate)
def __call__(self, x):
out = self.c(x)
out = self.ps_func(out)
return out
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