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Resize panes by dragging handles
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Deprecated - This feature is in by default

Resize Panes

This module allows a person to resize panes in atom. It adds a handle between panes that can be dragged to adjust the size of a pane.

To install and use this awesome extension:

  1. Download this repository as a zip file
  2. Extract it into a directory called atom-resize-panes in the root of your atom config folder (~/.atom/, C:\Users\Username\.atom\)
  3. Add the following line to your Init Script ( require("./atom-resize-panes")()
  4. Add the following line to your Stylesheet (styles.less) @import "atom-resize-panes/main.less";
  5. Profit


  • Saves pane sizes per project
  • Works for all type of panes (vertical, horizontal, mixed)
  • Change the width of the handle bar (default 10px) Add this line after the @import statement in your Stylesheet @atom-resize-thickness: 5px; (replace 5px with the width you want)

Want to make this a package?

I hate Coffeescript, and I'm not going to learn it just so I can convert this project into an atom package. If anyone wants to do so, you are welcome to, just give me some credit (and tell me when you do 😃).

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