create google streetview panoramas with one line of javascript
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Create google streetview panoramas with over 40 options in one line of javascript

Over 40 Configurable Options, Positionable Menu Overlay, Load Tour Data from XML, Optional Auto-Rotation, Hotspots with Info Windows, Helper Functions for Coders, and more to come!

For a full tutorial, visit

Basic Usage: Include the Google Maps Api and pitchpeek.js in the head of your page.

<script src=""></script>

<script src="pitchpeek.js"></script>

Somewhere on your page, create a div with an id, with width & height.

<div id="sample-panorama" style="width:500px;height:280px;">

you can put placeholder text or an image in your div


Now we're ready to create our first pitchpeek object using the id of our div.

var pano = new pitchpeek('sample-panorama',{initialPano:'YuxV_6KDjN0AAAQYn87sYg', rotatingStart:true, rotatingSpeed:-.3});

There are over 40 options that can be set, visit for a tutorial and explanation of how pitchpeek works.

~Jonathan Damon