Shellscript to update your phpmyadmin installation
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phpMyAdmin updatescript for your shell

This script will update your current phpMyAdmin to the latest version directly from your shell.


  • wget
  • tar


Copy the script to any location of your machine.
IMPORTANT: You need to edit the script to set the correct settings.

If you want to install a cronjob, run



Open the file and edit the variables LOCATION, PMA. If you set f.e. LOCATION="/var/www" and PMA="pma" your PMA installation will be installed into "/var/www/pma".

If you want, change the compression type - "tar.gz" and "tar.bz2" are possible.

User based settings

Instead of changing the settings in the script, you can place the variables in a user based .pma-updaterc file in the home folder from the user this script runs as.


For updating phpMyAdmin to the latest version, execute the shell script like this:


If you want to install a specific version

sh -r 3.5.0

More options

sh [-hvf] [-r version]  
-h    this help  
-v    output all warnings  
-f    force download, even if this version is installed already  
-r version    choose a different version than the latest.