A Pandora Radio Client
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Latest commit bb7b840 Oct 21, 2016 @JasonLG1979 JasonLG1979 committed with TingPing Changed PLAYLIST_VALIDITY_TIME in pandora.py to 1 hour.
While doing some testing for #351 I have determined that a playlist is only good for about an hour.
This also changes the is_still_valid method in pandora.py to account for the length of the song to determine if the song is still valid.
A song is considered valid if there is enough time for the song to play in it's entirety before the playlist has expired.



Pithos is a native Pandora Radio client for Linux. It's much more lightweight than the Pandora.com web client, and integrates with desktop features such as media keys, notifications, and the sound menu.

For screenshots, install instructions and more, see the Pithos home page.

License: GNU GPLv3

Pithos is not affiliated with or endorsed by Pandora Media, Inc.