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setec astronomy

almost ready for initial release!

a setec command is included with two basic commands:

setec search PATTERN -f /path/to/passwords.kdb will search your password database and output matching entries

setec copy ENTRY_TITLE -f /path/to/passwords.kdb will copy the password for the entry you specify straight into the clipboard

with no options, the master password is requested on the console. add the -g option to have the password prompt be an applescript-based gui dialog. this is especially useful when using this library for alfred integration.

an example alfred extension is included at alfred/setec.alfredextension - it assumes that you have this library checked out in $HOME/dev/setec_astronomy and all of the required gems installed in the gemset. you need the alfred powerpack to install the extension. (it's pretty easy to take a look at the command used by the extension and modify it.) assuming you get this all set up properly, you can type "stc test entry" into alfred and--if you type the master password properly--see the test password gets copied into your clipboard.

security warning

no attempt is made to protect the memory used by this library; there may be something we can do with libgcrypt's secure-malloc functions, but right now your master password is unencrypted in ram that could possibly be paged to disk.