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New script to restore a backup of katello's data
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2 parents 0b90c1e + 5e76031 commit 084e3294932f0e18dd46777b4405d5dbb7fc30cd @jsomara jsomara committed Apr 16, 2012
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+#!/bin/bash -e
+BDIR=$(readlink -f "$1")
+cd $BDIR
+#shut everything down
+service katello stop
+service katello-jobs stop
+service pulp-server stop
+service tomcat6 stop
+service postgresql stop
+service elasticsearch stop
+#extract files
+tar --selinux -xzvf config_files.tar.gz -C /
+tar --selinux -xzvf elastic_data.tar.gz -C /
+tar --selinux -xvf pulp_data.tar -C /
+#restore dbs
+service postgresql start
+sleep 5
+dropdb -U postgres katelloschema
+dropdb -U postgres candlepin
+pg_restore -U postgres -C -d postgres $BDIR/katello.dump
+pg_restore -U postgres -C -d postgres $BDIR/candlepin.dump
+service mongod start
+sleep 5
+echo 'db.dropDatabase();' | mongo pulp_database
+mongorestore --host localhost mongo_dump/pulp_database/
+service postgresql start
+service tomcat6 start
+service pulp-server start
+service elasticsearch start
+service katello-jobs start
+service katello start

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