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Pitr's Dot Files

**IMPORTANT** change name and email in `.gitconfig` after installation


git clone git:// ~/.config_files
cd ~/.config_files
rake install


Mac OS X will work. UNIX-based OS should work (the only problem is EDITOR is Sublime Text).



Adds ~/bin to PATH if it exists.

I normally place all of my coding projects in ~/code, so this directory can easily be accessed (and tab completed) with the “c” command.

c confi<tab>

Usual ls, ll, l, .. stuff.

Shortcuts for most used programs:

g - git
v - vim
r - rails
p - python
e. - Sublime Text

Tab completion is also added to rake and git commands:

rake db:mi<tab>
git checkout ma<tab>
gco ma<tab>

To speed things up, the results are cached in local .rake_tasks~. It is smart enough to expire the cache automatically in most cases, but you can simply remove the files to flush the cache.

When in a git controlled directory, you'll notice the current branch name shows up in the prompt while in a git repository.

~/code/config_files master^0 (ruby-2.1.2)

release - branch name
* - dirty repository
[2] - depth of stash

If you're using Rails, you'll find some handy aliases (below). You can also use show_log and hide_log in script/console to show the log inline.

ss          # script/server
sc          # script/console
sg          # script/generate
tlog        # tail -f log/development.log
migrate     # rake db:migrate
remigrate   # rake db:migrate && rake db:migrate:redo

# rails 3+ aliases
rs          # rails server
rc          # rails console
rg          # rails generate

Helpers from

hs      # hack && ship = pull + rebase/merge + push
hsd     # hack && ship && deploy = hs + push to heroku
hrs     # hack && rake && ship = same as hs but run rake test before push

If there are some shell configuration settings which you want secure or specific to one system, place it into a ~/.bashrc file. This will be loaded automatically if it exists.


Disables generation of ri and rdoc.


Adds shortcuts like:

gb    # git branch -a -v
gc    # git commit -m
ga    # git add
gadd  # git add -u && git add . && git status
gco   # git checkout
gd    # git diff --word-diff (since git 1.7.2)
gg    # git graph ...
gpl   # git pull --rebase
gup   # git up (install git-up gem first)

And so forth.

Happy Git Commits (

# in ~/code/project
cd .git/hooks
ln -s ~/.git/hooks/post-commit


Adds colour and better inspector (looksee).


Initializes 6 windows: main, code, gcc, git, irc, etc


My config files (aka dotfiles)



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