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This package provides abstraction of UI using two basic React components Box and Text. It serves as a foundation for creating your own custom UI library. Moreover designed components are annotated using Flow

Check out CSS in JS: The Argument Refined to dig deeper into the topic.

Basic Usage

Install this package via:

npm i --save base-styling-components


npm i --save fela@^4.2.0 fela-dom@^4.2.0 inline-style-prefixer@^2.0.1 react-fela@^4.2.0

Setup your APP for using Fela.js:

  • add style node to app <header> section where all styles will be injected:
<style id="fela-stylesheet" type="text/css"></style>
  • Setup Fela renderrer to prefix styles with vendor prefixes and wrap your app using Fela <Provider>:
import { createRenderer } from 'fela';
import { Provider } from 'react-fela';
import prefixAll from 'inline-style-prefixer/static';

const prefixerPlugin = styleObject => prefixAll(styleObject);
const config = {
  plugins: [prefixerPlugin],
const renderer = createRenderer(config);
const mountNode = document.getElementById('fela-stylesheet');

<Provider renderer={renderer} mountNode={mountNode}>
  <App />

Box and Text components accepts cammelCased CSS properties. Use the Box component for visual containers and grids and use Text component for headers, labels and any other typography.

// @flow
import { Box, Text } from 'base-styling-components';

<Box>basic div component</Box>
<Text as="h1">Heading 1</Text>


Basic style configuration is using specified defaultTheme with following attributes:

Property Description
scale (array) scale used for margin and padding
textScale (array) scale used for text size
text default text props

Used default theme and specified theme flow type:

// @flow
const defaultTheme: themeType = {
  scale: [
    0, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,
  textScale: [
    12, 16, 18, 24, 36, 48, 72,
  text: {
    fontFamily: 'Roboto,sans-serif',
    color: '#555',
    bold: 600,

export type themeType = {
  scale: number[],
  textScale: number[],
  text: {
    fontFamily: string,
    color: string,
    bold: 'bold' | 'normal' | 100 | 200 | 300 | 400 | 500 | 600 | 700 | 800 | 900

If you need to override default configuration or add some new attributes (eg. commonly used colors) you can do it by providing your own theme which will follow specified Flow theme type. You can pass your custom theme usgin Fela which will pass defined theme to all child components using context.

// @flow
import { ThemeProvider } from 'react-fela';
import { defaultTheme } from 'base-styling-components';
import type { themeType } from 'base-styling-components';

const myCustomTheme: themeType = {
  scale: [0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 100, 120],
  colors: {
    color1: "#000000",

<ThemeProvider theme={myCustomTheme}>
  <App />


Rendered element can be changed via as prop (default element is <div>):

<Box as="button">
  basic button component

Accepted props

Margin and Padding

Margin and padding can be controlled using m and p props. They accept simple number value e.g m={4} or text value m="10px". If supplied number value is from range of indexes in set config scale value from supplied scale is used.

  p={5} //padding 32px will be aplied
  box component

Margin and padding can be expressed using basic camelCase props such as margin, padding, marginTop, paddingTop, marginHorizontal, marginVertical etc. or using following shorthand props:

Prop Meaning
m margin
mt margin-top
mb margin-bottom
ml margin-left
mr margin-right
mv margin-top and bottom
mh margin-left and right
p padding
pt padding-top
pb padding-bottom
pl padding-left
pr padding-right
pv padding-top and bottom
ph padding-left and right

Width and Height

CSS properties representing width and height such as width, height, maxWidth, minHeight etc. accepts number value or text value. If supplied number value is from range 0-1 value is represented as percentage, otherwise it is represented as pixel value.

  width={1/2} //50% width div
  box component

Pixel props

CSS props which should receive value with unit and will be supplied without specified unit will be represented as px.

Eg. borderWidth={10} //10px

Font Size

Font size in Text component can be set using size property. It accepts simple number value or text value. If supplied number value is from range of indexes in set config textScale value from supplied scale is used. If number is grater than number of scale indexes, value is represented as px.

<Text size={5}>Some text</Text> //fontSize: 48px
<Text size={20}>Some text</Text> //fontSize: 20px


Other typography styles can be set using following props

Property Description / Accepted values
align 'left' / 'right' / 'center' / 'justify'
bold boolean to set text as bold
italic boolean to set text as italic
decoration 'none' / 'underline' / 'line-through'
transform 'none' / 'capitalize' / 'uppercase' / 'lowercase'

Custom CSS

If you need to specify custom css property eg. media-query or some pseudo classes property style can be used.

    ':hover': {
       backgroundColor: 'green',
  hover buttonn

List of all accepted propos

Box component

  • m,
  • margin,
  • mv,
  • marginVertical,
  • mh,
  • marginHorizontal,
  • mt,
  • marginTop,
  • mb,
  • marginBottom,
  • ml,
  • marginLeft,
  • mr,
  • marginRight,
  • p,
  • padding,
  • pv,
  • paddingVertical,
  • ph,
  • paddingHorizontal,
  • pt,
  • paddingTop,
  • pb,
  • paddingBottom,
  • pl,
  • paddingLeft,
  • pr,
  • paddingRight,
  • height,
  • maxHeight,
  • maxWidth,
  • minHeight,
  • minWidth,
  • width,
  • bottom,
  • left,
  • right,
  • top,
  • flex,
  • backgroundColor,
  • border,
  • borderColor,
  • borderBottomColor,
  • borderLeftColor,
  • borderRightColor,
  • borderTopColor,
  • borderRadius,
  • borderBottomLeftRadius,
  • borderBottomRightRadius,
  • borderTopLeftRadius,
  • borderTopRightRadius,
  • borderWidth,
  • borderBottomWidth,
  • borderLeftWidth,
  • borderRightWidth,
  • borderTopWidth,
  • borderStyle,
  • alignItems,
  • alignSelf,
  • flexBasis,
  • flexDirection,
  • flexGrow,
  • flexShrink,
  • flexWrap,
  • justifyContent,
  • opacity,
  • overflow,
  • position,
  • zIndex,

Text component

Text component is just wrapper around Box component so all Box props can be passed too.

  • fontFamily,
  • size,
  • fontSize,
  • align,
  • textAlign,
  • bold,
  • color,
  • decoration,
  • textDecoration,
  • transform,
  • textTransform,
  • italic,
  • lineHeight,


basic-styling-components are available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.


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