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(ns com.benizi.interop.core
[com.benizi.interop Simple Simple$Inner] ; some (dumb) examples
; some more reasonable examples:
[java.util Currency Date Locale Random]
[clojure.lang PersistentVector])
(:require [clojure.reflect :as cr]))
;;; Creating an instance of a Java class
(comment (Classname. args*))
(comment ==> (new Classname args*))
(let [a-string (String. "an initialized string")]
(str "String is: " a-string))
(str "The time is now: " (Date.))
;;; Access to instance members via the dot operator
(comment (.instanceMember instance args*))
(comment ==> (. instance instanceMember args*))
(.toUpperCase "asdf")
(let [myobj (Simple. 7)]
(.approximatePi myobj))
(comment (.instanceMember Classname args*))
(comment ==> (. Classname instanceMember args*))
(.getName String)
(comment (Classname/staticMethod args*))
(comment ==> (. Classname staticMethod args*))
(System/getProperty "java.vm.version")
(comment Classname/staticField)
(comment ==> (. Classname staticField))
(* 2 Math/PI)
(let [usd (Currency/getInstance "USD")
yen (Currency/getInstance "JPY")]
(.getSymbol usd (Locale/US))
(.getSymbol yen (Locale/JAPAN)))
(vector Simple$Inner/someValue)
;;; The Dot
; Generally the forms already discussed should be preferred,
; except when writing macros
(comment (. instance-expr member-symbol))
(let [simple (Simple. 7)]
(. simple approximatePi))
(comment (. Classname-symbol member-symbol))
(. Simple$Inner someValue)
(comment (. instance-expr (method-symbol args*)) or
(comment (. instance-expr method-symbol args*)))
(let [simple (Simple.)]
(. simple (giveYou "an" "argument"))
(. simple giveYou "an" "argument"))
(comment (. Classname-symbol (method-symbol args*)) or
(comment (. Classname-symbol method-symbol args*)))
(. Currency (getInstance "USD"))
(. Currency getInstance "USD")
(. Locale US)
;;; Dot-dot
; similar to the -> "threading" macro
(comment (.. System (getProperties) (get "")))
(comment ==> (. (. System (getProperties)) (get "")))
(.. System (getProperties) (get ""))
(doto (java.util.HashMap.) (.put "a" 1) (.put "b" 2))
;;; creating Java objects from Clojure
(let [simple (Simple. 8)
guesses (java.util.HashMap.)]
(doto guesses
(.put "close" (Integer. 7))
(.put "far" (Integer. 10)))
(.judgeCloseness simple guesses))
;;; Scratch
(defn methods- [thing]
(sort (map :name (:members (cr/reflect thing)))))
(cr/reflect [])
(methods- {})
(supers (class []))
(supers (class {}))
(first (:members (cr/reflect [])))
(defn constructors [type]
(for [f (seq (:members (cr/reflect type)))
:when (and
(:parameter-types f)
(not (:return-type f)))]
(:parameter-types f)))
(constructors [])
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