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Small presentation on Java Interop
Clojure Java
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Java Interop in Clojure

  • Pittsburgh Clojure Meetup
  • 2012-05-08
  • Benjamin R. Haskell
  • benizi(.com) GitHub

Useful references:

Clojure Java Interop page

Blog entry on Java Interop

Source code from the talk

src/com/benizi/interop/core.clj - examples of Java interop

src/com/benizi/interop/ - small Java class used in examples

Discussion afterward

Testing in Clojure

Shameless plug: (YouTube URL shortener) Source on GitHub Used clojure.test for testing.

Clojure testing with Midje

How PersistentHashMaps work

How PersistentHashMaps work (part 1)

How PersistentHashMaps work (part 2)


PersistentHashMap change

Does Clojure have a built-in persistent graph data structure?

A: No. But:

Clojure Graph library (loom)

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