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Connie Release 0.0.1 (January 5th 2009)

Author: Pius Uzamere, The Uyiosa Corporation

Copyright: Pius Uzamere © 2009 License: The Lesser GNU Public License


Connie is a Ruby library that implements SPARQL given a parse tree of a SPARQL query and a set of RDF triples. Implements SPARQL properties as a set of constraints. The constraints are executed by Gecode/R, a Ruby bridge to Gecode, an open source library for constraint programming written in C.


  1. Connie can handle simple, univariate triple patterns: When finished, this library will have a full test suite and can serve as a maintainable reference implementation of a SPARQL engine in Ruby. Currently, only very basic queries are supported. Please see the spec suite for the latest usage examples or check out the documentation for more details.


  1. Make Sure You've Got the Dependencies installed

Connie depends on Gecode/R ( and Reddy (

sudo gem install gecoder-with-gecode

  1. Clone the Repository and Install the Connie Gem from Source

git clone git:// cd connie gem build connie.gemspec sudo gem install connie

  1. Require the gem in your code, play with it

For usage, the best thing is to click through the documentation. I tried to make it really thorough. If you need more guidance, check out the specs, which demonstrate precisely how to feed Connie a SPARQL query parse tree and run the engine.

  1. Contribute!

Fork my repository, make some changes, and send along a pull request!

The best way to contribute is to add a unit test for a specific SPARQL parse tree and then tweak the code such that your new test case plus all the others pass.


Connie was created in 2009 by Pius Uzamere (pius -AT- alum -DOT- mit -DOT- edu) and is
licensed under the LGPL.