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Cloudformation Resource

An output only resource (at the moment) that will configure your stack in AWS using Cloudformation.

Source Configuration

  • aws_access_key: Required. The user access key that will be required to make changes to the Cloudformation stack.

  • aws_secret_key: Required. The user secret key that is required to make changes to the Cloudformation stack.

  • aws_region: Optional. The region associated with the Clouformation stack that we are making changes to. The region is defaulted to us-east-1.

Pipeline Example

- name: cloudformation
  type: docker-image
      repository: pcfseceng/cloudformation-resource

- name: aws-setup
  type: cloudformation
    aws_access_key: some_access_key
    aws_secret_key: some_secret_key
    aws_region: us-east-1

- name: update-cloudformation
  - put: aws-setup
      cloudformation_file: path/to/cloudformation/configuration/file
      stack_name: name_of_aws_stack_to_configure
      policy_file: path/to/cloudformation/policy/file


out: Submit changes to your Cloudformation stack.

Given a Cloudformation configuration file and a AWS stack name, this will apply your Cloudformation configuration to the specified stack in AWS.


  • cloudformation_file: Required. A path to a file containing the Cloudformation configuration.

  • stack_name: Required. The name of the stack in AWS that this will apply the Cloudformation configuration to.

  • policy_file: Optional. A path to a file containing the stack policy.

  • capabilities: Optional. Additional CloudFormation capabilities required (example "CAPABILITY_IAM") "Currently, the only valid value is CAPABILITY_IAM"

  • quiet: Optional. Disables trace output from being printed (which may contain credentials).