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A very simple BOSH release.
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A very simple BOSH release.

0. Usage

  • Upload the Dummy BOSH release to the BOSH director using BOSH cli v2 and a configured enviroment:
bosh upload-release
  • Update the BOSH director's cloud-config
    • create a network named manual
    • create a vm_types named tiny
    vim cloud-config.yml # add 'manual' network and 'tiny' vm_type
    bosh update-cloud-config cloud-config.yml
  • Copy the sample manifest:
curl -OL
bosh deploy -d dummy dummy.yml

1. BOSH Jobs

Dummy BOSH release has the following jobs:

  1. dummy has no packages and only 1 job that monitors pid 1.

  2. dummy_with_package also has 1 job but depends on 1 package.

  3. dummy_with_properties has no packages and only 1 job that monitors 1 pid, however it has a property that can be altered to allow you to iterate rapidly on bosh deploys.

  4. dummy_fail_eventually has no packages and only 1 job that monitors a process that exits after 5 seconds.

  5. dummy_fail_immediate has no packages and only 1 job that does not record a PID and exits immediately.

  6. dummy_errand has no packages and echo to stdout

Use dummy-boshrelease to create a deployment manifest more easily, especially handy if it's your first time creating a deployment manifest.

Its simplicity also makes it a good way to learn the shape of a BOSH release.

TIP: Use it with bosh-lite to make setting up your first BOSH deployment even easier!

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