A BOSH Release of RabbitMQ for Cloud Foundry
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Signed-off-by: Carlo Colombo <ccolombo@pivotal.io>


Cloud Foundry RabbitMQ Service

This repository contains the release for RabbitMQ for Cloud Foundry. It is deployable by BOSH in the usual way.

This release is now using BOSH v2 job links and cloud config and requires at least BOSH Director v255.5


Clone the repository and run ./scripts/update-release.


Once you have a BOSH Lite up and running locally, run scripts/deploy-bosh-lite


Unit Tests

To run the unit tests locally, just run: bundle exec rake spec:unit.

Integration Tests

Ensure you have deployed the release to BOSH Lite. Set BOSH_MANIFEST env to $PWD/manifests/cf-rabbitmq.yml and run bundle exec rake spec:system

If you want to run tests on custom BOSH you need to set following environment variables:

export CF_DOMAIN='bosh-lite.com'
export CF_USERNAME='admin'
export CF_PASSWORD='admin'
export CF_API='api.bosh-lite.com'
export BOSH_TARGET='bosh-lite.com'
export BOSH_USERNAME='admin'
export BOSH_PASSWORD='admin'