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title: Altoros Log Search for PCF
owner: Partners
Altoros Log Search for PCF is a flexible combination of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK)
that provides log aggregation and parsing algorithms for PCF operators and developers.
The solution provides shared and on-demand service plans. PCF operators can create a
Log Search cluster, where access will be shared within a group of developers.
With on-demand service plan, developers get the possibility to create Log Search cluster
and bind it to some applications, which should be monitored.
## <a id='overview'></a>Overview
The Altoros Log Search for PCF provides role-based access to system and application logs.
Out-the-box, users get:
+ Retrieving and parsing of logs received from PCF
+ Secure authorized access to these logs in Kibana
+ Useful dashboards and search queries to start log analysis
+ Shared and on-demand service plans
## <a id='features'></a>Key Features
Altoros Log Search for PCF includes the following key features:
* **PCF logs**: Collecting logs from all PCF components
* **Services logs**: Provides the ability to collect logs from all PCF Data Services available on Pivotal Network
* **Application logs**: Log Search is configured to get all application logs by default
* **SSO and multi-tenancy**: Uses the Cloud Foundry UAA service to control access to Kibana dashboards based on user role and rights within the platform. Multi-tenancy is implemented according to the roles defined by Cloud Foundry UAA.
* **Dashboards and visualization**: Provides out-of-the-box Dashboards for application and PCF platform logs
* **Automated back-ups**: Users can setup automated backups and the archiving of logs to any S3-compatible storage system
## <a id="snapshot"></a>Product Snapshot
The following table provides version and version-support information about Altoros Log Search for PCF.
<table class="nice">
<td>Release date</td>
<td>October 24, 2017</td>
<td>Software component version</td>
<td>Elasticsearch v5.6.3, Logstash v5.6.3, and Kibana v5.6.3</td>
<td>Compatible Ops Manager version(s)</td>
<td>v1.10.x, v1.11.x, and v1.12.x</td>
<td>Compatible Elastic Runtime version(s)</td>
<td>v1.10.x, v1.11.x, and v1.12.x</td>
<td>IaaS support</td>
<td>AWS, Azure, OpenStack, GCP, and vSphere</td>
<td>IPsec support</td>
## <a id="prerequisites"></a>Prerequisites
To complete installation of Altoros Log Search for PCF, you need the following:
* CPU, RAM, and disk resources for 11 VMs for shared service plan
* CPU, RAM, and disk resources for 12 VMs for on-demand service plan
* Internet connectivity between the networks where the PCF deployment and Log Search are installed. Altoros recommends installing Log Search on the same network with PCF.
## <a id="requirements"></a>Requirements
Altoros Log Search for PCF has the following requirements:
* [PCF Elastic Runtime]( v1.10.x, v1.11.x, and v1.12.x
* [PCF Ops Manager]( v.1.10.x, v1.11.x, and v1.12.x
## <a id="elastic-docs"></a>Elastic Documentation
See the following Elastic documentation about each component of the ELK stack:
* [Elasticsearch 5.6 Documentation](
* [Logstash 5.6 Documentation](
* [Kibana 5.6 Documentation](
## <a id="trial-license"></a>Trial License
Users interested in Log Search can sign up for a [free trial](
## <a id="feedback"></a>Feedback
If you have a feature request, questions, or information about a bug, please email
[Pivotal Cloud Foundry Feedback]( list or send an email to [Altoros Customer Support](