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title: ISS Knowtify Search Analytics for Pivotal Cloud Foundry
owner: London Services
This documentation describes ISS Knowtify Search Analytics for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). The ISS Knowtify Search Analytics integrates log analytics, search, ingestion, and visualization with the PCF [Loggregator]( system.
<p class="note"><strong>Note</strong>: This product was previously known as Knowtify Log Analytics for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.</p>
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##<a id='overview'></a> Overview
After [installing](installing.html) the ISS Knowtify Search Analytics tile, PCF operators can navigate to a URL in a browser to [access](using.html) the ISS Knowtify Search Analytics dashboard. The dashboard shows near-real-time data about the deployment in a customizable analytic display.
The features of ISS Knowtify Search Analytics include the following:
* Based on Apache Solr, the open-source enterprise search platform
* Designed to be dynamically scalable to 50 Apache Solr nodes and hundreds of millions of documents
* Visualizes data from multiple data sources
##<a id='snapshot'></a> Product Snapshot
The following table provides version and version-support information about ISS Knowtify Search Analytics for PCF:
<table class="nice">
<td>Release date</td>
<td>July 26, 2016</td>
<td>Software component version</td>
<td>Knowtify Search Analytics v1.0.1.1</td>
<td>Compatible Ops Manager version(s)</td>
<td>v1.5.x, v1.6.x, v1.7.x</td>
<td>Compatible Elastic Runtime version(s)</td>
<td>v1.4.x, v1.5.x, v1.6.x, v1.7.x</td>
##<a id='feedback'></a> Feedback
Please provide any bugs, feature requests, or questions to the [Pivotal Cloud Foundry Feedback]( list or to [ISS](