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title: Managing Orgs and Spaces Using Apps Manager
owner: Apps Manager
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This topic discusses how to view and manage orgs and spaces in Apps Manager.
<p class="note"><strong>Note</strong>: To manage a space, you must have Space Manager permissions in that space.</p>
To perform the following steps, you must first log in to Apps Manager with an
account that has adequate permissions. See the [Understanding Permissions](dev-console.html#permissions) topic for more information.
## <a id='view-space'></a>Manage an Org
The org page displays the spaces associated with the selected org. The left
navigation of Apps Manager shows the current org.
![Org Console]( <%= vars.console_org %> )
To view spaces in a different org, use the drop-down menu to change the org.
![Select Org]( <%= vars.select_org %> )
To view the page for a particular space, click the space on the org page or on
the left navigation. To create a new space, click **Add a Space** at the bottom
of the org page.
To rename the current org, click the **Settings** tab. Enter the new org name in the **Org Name** section and click **Update**.
From the **Settings** tab, you can also view the spaces assigned to your isolation segment in the **Isolation Segment Entitlements** section. For more information, see [Isolation Segments](../concepts/security.html#isolation-segments).
##<a id='manage-space'></a>Manage a Space
The space page displays the apps, service instances, and routes associated with
the selected space.
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### <a id="apps-tab"></a> Apps
The **Apps** tab shows the **Status**, the **Name**, the number of
**Instances**, the amount of **Memory** available, the time since the **Last Push**, and the **Route** for each app.
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###<a id="services-tab"></a> Services
The **Services** list shows the **Service**, the **Name**, the number of
**Bound Apps**, and the **Plan** for each service instance. If you want to add
a service to your space, click **Add Service**. For more information about
configuring services, see the [Services Overview](../devguide/services/) topic.
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###<a id="routes-tab"></a> Routes
From the **Routes** tab, you can view and delete routes associated with your space. For each **Route**, the tab shows **Route Service** and **Bound Apps**. Refer to the [Route Services](../services/route-services.html) topic to learn more about route services.
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###<a id="settings-tab"></a> Settings
From the **Settings** tab, you can do the following:
* Modify the space name by entering a new name and clicking **Update**.
* View the Application Security Groups (ASGs) associated with the space in the
**Security Groups** section.
* View the space's isolation segment assignment in the **Isolation Segment Assignment** section. For more information, see [Isolation Segments](../concepts/security.html#isolation-segments).
* Delete the space by clicking **Delete Space**.
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