v0.25.0 for PCF 1.10.0

@pcfdev-bot pcfdev-bot released this Apr 5, 2017 · 40 commits to master since this release

PCF Dev v0.25.0 is an open beta release that is publicly available on the Pivotal Network.
Feedback for the proprietary distribution of PCF Dev may be left in the Github issues for this repository.


   $ unzip pcfdev-v0.25.0+PCF1.10.0-<OS>.zip
   $ ./pcfdev-v0.25.0+PCF1.10.0-<OS>
   Plugin successfully upgraded. Current version: 0.25.0. For more info run: cf dev help
   $ cf dev help


  • Upgraded components to match PCF 1.10.0
  • Added Spring Boot Actuator integration in Apps Manager (#205)
  • Fixed bug in private docker registry support (#207)
  • The CLI plugin no longer panics when responding to a prompt (#177)
  • Fixed issue causing the VM to fail to start after it had been stopped (#191)
Elastic Runtime
  • cf-release upgraded to v252 with custom modifications for PCF 1.10.0
  • diego-release upgraded to v1.7.1 with custom modifications for PCF 1.10.0
  • garden-runc upgraded to v1.1.1
  • cflinuxfs2 upgraded to v1.50.0
  • routing-release upgraded to v0.146.0 with custom modifications for PCF 1.10.0
  • local-volume upgraded to 4171ea2 / NOTE: This service allows apps to access a persistent location in the VM. The full NFS version of this service is available as a beta feature in PCF 1.10.
  • cf-mysql-release upgraded to v34
  • cf-redis-release upgraded to v428.3.0
  • cf-rabbitmq-release maintained at v222.7.0 with custom modifications
  • Spring Cloud Services upgraded to v1.3.4-build.59 with custom modifications
  • Apps Manager upgraded to a custom build for PCF 1.10.0 from 2017-02-12.

Known Issues

  • Container networking is not yet included
  • An important I/O optimization for systems with slow or special disks (ex. RAID) did not make it into this release. If you have trouble booting PCF Dev, or your PCF Dev VM is very slow, try running:
vboxmanage storagectl pcfdev-v0.459.0 --name SATA --hostiocache on
  • cf dev trust does not prevent SSL warnings in the Firefox web browser and in various Linux web browsers.
  • cf dev trust accesses the system keychain in Mac OS X, which causes certain versions of Mac OS X to crash. This has only been observed in 10.10.3 and 10.10.5 and appears to be rare.
  • The cf dev start -r <registry> will fail if multiple docker registries are specified
  • The clock in the VM can get out of sync when the host goes to sleep (#148)
  • Apps scaled down to 0 instances cannot be scaled back up (#180)
  • Apps may fail to push immediately after a space is created (#184)
  • Running cf dev destroy may prompt you for your password on linux (#190)

Corresponding OVA Version: 0.459.0