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Spring Cloud Vault Connector

Spring Cloud Connector for using HashiCorp's Vault service broker on Cloud Foundry.

NOTE: This project is in maintenance mode, in favor of the newer Java CFEnv project. We will continue to release security-related updates but will not address enhancement requests.

Quick Start

Maven configuration

Add the Maven dependency:


If you'd rather like the latest snapshots of the upcoming major version, use our Maven snapshot repository and declare the appropriate dependency version.


  <name>Spring Snapshot Repository</name>

Compatibility matrix

Component Version
Spring Vault 2.x (2.0 - 2.1)
Spring Cloud Vault 2.x (2.0 - 2.1)

Java Applications

Applications can use this connector to access the information in VCAP_SERVICES environment variable, necessary to connect to a Vault service.

CloudFactory cloudFactory = new CloudFactory();
Cloud cloud = cloudFactory.getCloud();
VaultServiceInfo myService = (VaultServiceInfo) cloud.getServiceInfo("MyService");

Spring Applications

Spring Application can use this connector to auto inject a VaultTemplate which enables the application to talk to the Vault server.

Spring Boot Applications with Spring Cloud Vault

Spring Boot Applications using Spring Cloud Vault are auto-reconfigured if a single Vault service is bound to the application.

Spring Vault is configured to use token authentication (using the provided token from the service broker), It loads by default secrets from the dedicated and shared generic backends: generic, space, organization

You can override the configuration by setting the property. Names specified in are attempted to be resolved against shared_backends and backends maps from VCAP_SERVICES.

Supports port-less URL using scheme-specific port defaults.