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Not actively mantained, Use it at your own risk.

This concourse resource used to be working, but we are not actively maitain it right now. Any Azure change may break this resource, Use it at your own risk.


Versions objects in an Azure blobstore container, by pattern-matching filenames to identify version numbers.

Source Configuration

  • container: Required. The name of the container.

  • storage_account_name: Required. The name of the Azure storage account that has the container. The storage account must use Standard storage, NOT Premium.

  • storage_access_key: Optional. The Azure storage access key for the storage account. If the storage access key is not specified, the container must be public ("Container" access policy, NOT "Blob" or "Private"), and out will throw an error.

  • regexp: Required. The pattern to match filenames against within the Azure storage container. The first grouped match is used to extract the version. At least one capture group must be specified, with parentheses.

    The version extracted from this pattern is used to version the resource. Semantic versions, or just numbers, are supported. Accordingly, full regular expressions are supported, to specify the capture groups.

  • environment: Optional. The Azure environment. Valid values are AzureCloud and AzureChinaCloud. If environment is not specified, the value defaults to AzureCloud.


check: Extract versions from the bucket.

Objects will be found via the pattern configured by regexp. The versions will be used to order them (using semver). Each object's filename is the resulting version.

in: Fetch an object from the bucket.

Places the following files in the destination:

  • (filename): The file fetched from the bucket.

  • version: The version identified in the file name.



out: Upload an object to the container.

Given a file specified by file, upload it to the Azure storage container. The new file will be uploaded to the directory that the regexp searches in.


  • file: Required. Path to the file to upload, provided by an output of a task. If multiple files are matched by the glob, an error is raised. The file which matches will be placed into the directory structure on S3 as defined in regexp in the resource definition. The matching syntax is bash glob expansion, so no capture groups, etc.

Example Configuration

The following concourse pipeline downloads the latest bosh-init release from a S3 bucket, and uploads to an Azure blobstore container in bosh-init folder, then downloads it again from that Azure blobstore container and uploads to another S3 bucket in bosh folder.

- name: azure-blob
  type: docker-image
    repository: cfcloudops/azure-blobstore-concourse-resource
- name: s3-to-azure-blob
  serial: true
  - get: bosh-init
    trigger: true
  - put: azure-blob
      file: bosh-init/bosh-init*

- name: azure-blob-to-s3china
  serial: true
  - get: azure-blob
    passed: [s3-to-azure-blob]
    trigger: true
  - put: s3china
      file: azure-blob/bosh-init-*

- name: azure-blob
  type: azure-blob
    container: con1
    storage_account_name: your_storage_account_name
    storage_access_key: your_storage_access_key
    regexp: bosh-init/bosh-init-([0-9\.]+)-linux-amd64

- name: s3china
  type: s3
    regexp: bosh/bosh-init-([0-9\.]+)-linux-amd64
    bucket: your_bucket
    region_name: cn-north-1
    access_key_id: your_aws_access_key
    secret_access_key: your_aws_secret

- name: bosh-init
  type: s3
    regexp: bosh-init-([0-9\.]+)-linux-amd64
    bucket: bosh-init-artifacts