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Paypal Adaptive Payments Library for ActiveMerchant
Supports payments, preapprovals, refunds and currency conversions
.Rails 2.3.x
.ActiveMerchant 1.5.x
to install
git clone git://
cd /path/to/paypal_adaptive_gateway
./script/install /path/to/active/merchant
to use
in application_controller.rb
def gateway
@gateway ||=
:login => 'your_email',
:password => 'your_password',
:signature => ' your_signature',
:appid => 'your_app_id'
in the payment process
#for chained payments
def checkout
recipients = [{:email => 'receiver_email',
:amount => some_amount,
:primary => true},
{:email => 'receiver_email',
:amount => recipient_amount,
:primary => false}
response =
:return_url => url_for(:action => 'action', :only_path => false),
:cancel_url => url_for(:action => 'action', :only_path => false),
:notify_url => url_for(:action => 'notify_action', :only_path => false),
:receiver_list => recipients
redirect_to response.redirect_url_for
set the :primary flag to false for each recipient for a split payment
to debug
use either gateway.debug or response.debug this gives you the json response, the xml sent and the url it was posted to.