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While the framework is a little rough around the edges, we love this style of expectation assertions; see
## Robolectric-gem (Robolectric Great Expectations Matchers)
Matcher classes for using great-expectations in Robolectric-powered unit tests. For example:
### Robolectric-gem (Robolectric Great Expectations Matchers)
Robolectric-gem is a library of matcher classes for using great-expectations in Robolectric-powered unit tests.
For example, it provides a matcher on `View` called `toBeVisible()`:
TextView titleView = (TextView) activity.findViewById(;
You can add your own matcher classes too. Add the robolectric-gem repo as a submodule instead of using the jar,
or keep it as a jar file and add your own matcher classes by subclassing RunnableExpectGenerator and running that
class to create your own in your project.
For more information, see
### Adding Custom Matcher Classes
You can add custom matchers for great-expectations. We are particularly excited about adding Android matchers.
1. Add your Matcher class. See ``.
2. Add your Matcher to the list in ``
3. Regenerate `` by running "Add custom great-expectation Matchers by Regenerating"
or execute the `RunnableExpectGenerator.main()` yourself.
## Lots of Jars
We have added many handy Jars, such as apache commons, google's Guava, the Jackson JSON parsing libraries,
and more. Check them out in `libs/main/` and `libs/test`-- keep them or delete them.

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