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Why does my chef run bomb out? Why can't I get my recipe to converge?

Make sure you're using system ruby, not rvm or rbenv ruby. If you're not sure, run the following command and check that the output is /usr/bin/ruby:

$ which ruby

Longer answer: We test against system ruby, which is a good common denominator. Also, using system ruby will bypass ownership issues (i.e. gems owned by root but installed under one's home directory).

Why do my edits keep getting reverted? I change the recipe, but every time I run soloist it's changed back.

You're editing the recipe under sprout-wrap/cookbooks. That is a directory that is checked-out from the sources (as defined in Cheffile) every chef run—overwriting your changes.

Make your changes under sprout-wrap/site-cookbooks instead; those changes won't be overwritten.

Why does sprout-wrap install an older version of RubyMine even though sprout's RubyMine recipe specifies a newer one?

You need to update the git SHAs specified in sprout-wrap's Cheffile.lock. Run the following command in the root of your copy of the sprout-wrap repo:

librarian-chef update

Why not use the standalone Command Line Tools for XCode instead of XCode?

There are primarily 2 reasons that we install XCode in sprout-wrap:

  1. System Ruby on OS X Mountain Lion uses xcrun to detect cc. xcrun is not designed to work with the standalone Command Line Tools.
  2. sprout-wrap is used to build workstations for iOS development. Having XCode available is handy in this situation.