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cfa8f22 Fixed targets to build in Xcode 4 (note that for the static framework ta...
Adam Milligan authored
1 *.mode1v3
2 *.pbxuser
3 *.xcworkspace
4 xcuserdata
7fc055a Initial commit
Adam Milligan authored
5 build
1307189 Universal (simulator and device) static framework build for iPhone.
Adam Milligan authored
6 .DS_Store
938ba72 Ignore IDEA file
Adam Milligan authored
7 .idea
26b70c8 Adds cucumber feature for adding Specs bundle
Andy Pliszka and Joe Masilotti authored
8 template-project
1ff0a76 @AlexDenisov RaiseException matcher extended to handle NSException' name
AlexDenisov authored
9 DerivedData
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