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#import "CDROTestRunner.h"
#import "CDROTestHelper.h"
#import "CDRFunctions.h"
@implementation CDROTestRunner
void CDRRunTests(id self, SEL _cmd, id ignored) {
int exitStatus = CDRRunOCUnitTests(self, _cmd, ignored);
NSAutoreleasePool *pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];
// Since we want to have integration with XCode when running tests from inside the IDE
// CDROTestReporter needs to be default reporter; however, we can use any other reporter
// when running from the command line (e.g. CDRColorizedReporter).
NSArray *reporters = CDRReportersFromEnv("CDROTestReporter");
if (![reporters count]) {
exitStatus |= runSpecsWithCustomExampleReporters(reporters);
// otest always returns 0 as its exit code even if any test fails;
// we need to forcibly exit with correct exit code to make CI happy.
[pool drain];
+ (void)load {
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