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@@ -319,13 +319,20 @@ that provides keyboard shortcuts for focusing on specs under editor cursor.
When running in headless mode by default Cedar uses `CDRDefaultReporter` to
output test results. Here is how it looks:
- .P..P..
+ .P..P.F
PENDING CDRExample hasChildren should return false by default
PENDING CDRExample hasFocusedExamples should return false by default
+ FAILURE CDRExample hasChildren should return false
+ /Users/workspace/cedar/Spec/ Expected <NO> to evaluate to true
Finished in 0.0166 seconds
- 7 examples, 0 failures, 2 pending
+ 7 examples, 1 failures, 2 pending
+Note: For improved Xcode integration see
+[BetterConsole](, an Xcode plugin
+that makes file paths shown in the console clickable.
Most of the time above output is exactly what you want to see; however, in some
cases you might actually want to see full names of running examples. You can get

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