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Testrunner should not show 'success' if no specs have been executed #297

dwt opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Martin Häcker Gregg Van Hove Jimmy Yuen Ho Wong Davis W. Frank
Martin Häcker

This fools me annoyingly often when I filter down to one specific spec and then happen to change it's name to make it more descriptive.

And then suddenly my testsuite running in the background tells me that its green - o happiness.

Just to discover a millisecond later that I've fallen victim to this trap again. :-(

But more generall: executing no specs should not be seen as a success. It only verifies that the spec runnier is loaded correctly - not that the specs are found / configured, not that they compile/ interpret cleanly, not that your filter matches anything....

I think the sensible thing to do would be to show a first time message (yeah your testuite loads, thats great, now go add tests and this link descirbes how to do that).

Even better would be to not show this as green, but as kind of a failure in itself (here's hope you do that, but....)

Jimmy Yuen Ho Wong

+1 for this

Davis W. Frank
infews commented

I've added this issue to this other Tracker story in our backlog.

No specs being executed in a filter of any kind - no filter, focused specs, etc. - should be reported the same.

Gregg Van Hove slackersoft closed this
Gregg Van Hove

We'll be looking at this after 2.0 is released. This does seem quite useful.

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