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Add instance mocks #37

jamesarosen opened this Issue December 15, 2010 · 1 comment

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James Alexander Rosen Davis W. Frank
James Alexander Rosen

I'd like to be able to mock out an object created via new. Perhaps something like

var i = new Image();
i.src = '/some_url';

or maybe

mockClass(Vehicle, 'Car');
var c = new Vehicle.Car();

I might also imagine being able to access the original definition of the "class" (function) via StubbedFunction.originalDefinition.

Davis W. Frank

Your latter example can be done with jasmine.createSpyObj - you can create an Object with a bunch of spies as functional properties. We do this a lot in our testing.

Your "instance" interface looks interesting. Why not test-drive the concept and see if you can get some traction?

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