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@matthewmcnew matthewmcnew released this Aug 21, 2019 · 52 commits to master since this release

Renamed to kpack


kubectl apply -f release.yaml

Prominent Improvements

  • Private Builders are supported, ImagePullSecrets can be added to the builder type (#46).
kind: Builder
  name: sample-builder
  image: cloudfoundry/cnb:bionic
  imagePullSecrets: # optional, if not set builder must be public
  - name: builder-secret
  • Subpath on build and image source to support monorepos (#93).
  • Add Ready condition to Image resource (#1).
  • Image builds are scheduled with the exact builder digest (#77).

Note: This release includes breaking changes

  • Migrated packages from to
  • build.status.SHA was replaced with build.status.latestImage.
  • build.spec.tag was migrated to a list of build.spec.tags.
  • build.spec.additionalImageNames was removed, build.spec.tags supports multiple tags.
  • image.spec.disableAdditionalImageNames was migrated to image.spec.imageTaggingStrategy of type 'BuildNumber' or 'None'.
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