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A resoudce/provider to call to MacOS's plist 'defaults' command line tool.
pivotal_workstation_defaults "set key repeat rate" do
domain "/Users/#{WS_USER}/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences"
key "KeyRepeat"
integer 2
Supports the attribute types below.
TODO List:
* Remaining params that need to be supported:
-data <hex_digits>
-date <date_rep>
-array <value1> <value2> ...
-array-add <value1> <value2> ...
-dict <key1> <value1> <key2> <value2> ...
-dict-add <key1> <value1> ..
* Should support notifies
* Should support overrides of not_if with a more complex block
actions :write
attribute :description, :kind_of => String, :name_attribute => true
attribute :domain, :kind_of => String, :default => nil
attribute :key, :kind_of => String, :default => nil
attribute :integer, :kind_of => Integer, :default => nil
attribute :string, :kind_of => String, :default => nil
attribute :boolean, :kind_of => [ TrueClass, FalseClass ], :default => nil
attribute :float, :kind_of => [Float, Integer], :default => nil
attribute :array, :kind_of => [Array, String, Integer], :defaults => nil
def initialize(name, run_context=nil)
@action = :write
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