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node.default['function_keys']['use_function_keys_as_function_keys'] = true
as_fn_keys = node.default['function_keys']['use_function_keys_as_function_keys'] ? "0" : "1"
# The following won't take effect until the person logs out & logs back in again.
pivotal_workstation_defaults "Turn #{as_fn_keys ? "on" : "off" } function-keys-work-as-function keys" do
domain '.GlobalPreferences'
key ''
boolean node.default['function_keys']['use_function_keys_as_function_keys']
# Attempt an interactive change. Two req'ts: 1) user must be logged in 2) assistive devices enabled
ruby_block "Fix Function Keys" do
block do
def are_we_logged_in?
system("ps aux | grep SystemUI | grep -v grep")
def are_assistive_devices_enabled?
system("osascript -e '
tell application \"System Events\"
set UI_enabled to UI elements enabled
end tell
if UI_enabled is false then
error \"access for assistive devices is NOT enabled! (This is not an error, just a warning)\"
return \"access for assistive devices IS enabled!\"
end if'")
# check if we are logged into the console
if are_we_logged_in? && are_assistive_devices_enabled?
system("osascript -e '
tell application \"System Preferences\"
set current pane to pane \"\"
end tell
tell application \"System Events\"
tell application process \"System Preferences\"
click radio button \"Keyboard\" of tab group 1 of window \"Keyboard\"
if value of checkbox \"Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys\" of tab group 1 of window \"Keyboard\" is #{as_fn_keys} then
click checkbox \"Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys\" of tab group 1 of window \"Keyboard\"
end if
end tell
quit application \"System Preferences\"
end tell'")
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