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Note: if you would like to submit an "_obvious fix_" for something like a typo, formatting issue or spelling mistake, you may not need to sign the CLA. Please see our information on [obvious fixes]( for more details.
## Working on features
If you're interested on working on a feature for us we have a [Backlog]( of work for people to pick up at anytime. Have a look at both the Backlog' and 'Icebox' sections and if something catches your eye leave a comment and we can chat about assigning it to you. If the feature you had in mind isn't already there then [get in touch](! We're always eager to hear about new ideas for Postfacto.
## Code reviews
All submissions, including submissions by project members, require review and we use GitHub's pull requests for this purpose. Please consult [GitHub Help]( if you need more information about using pull requests.

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