Concourse resource to retrieve a single URL-addressable file.
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cURL File Resource

Tracks the update of a single URL-addressable file.

This is a useful resource for pipeline development time, while a required artifact is available only from a URL-addressable location and until it is moved to a file management repository such as git or S3.

Source Configuration

  • url: Required. The url location of the file.

  • filename: Optional. The name of the file for the downloaded artifact to be save as. If not provided, the file will be saved using the full url string as its name.

  • username: Optional. Username for accessing an authenticated repository.

  • password: Optional. Password for accessing an authenticated repository.

  • skip_ssl_verification: Optional. Skips ssl verification if defined as true. Default is false.


Resource configuration:

- name: file-url
  type: docker-image
    repository: pivotalservices/concourse-curl-resource
    tag: latest

- name: my-file
  type: file-url
    filename: lucene-5.5.4-src.tgz  


check: Check for the latest version of the file.

The resource uses curl under-the-covers to post a GET request and retrieve the HTTP header info for the file URL provided.
If field Last-Modified is returned as part of the HTTP response header, then the resource will use that to build a version number timestamp with format "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS".

Otherwise, the timestamp string will be built using the request's current time, which will result in a new version being returned every time check is executed for that file.

To verify if a file URL returns the Last-Modified information in its HTTP response header, issue the curl command below and search for field "Last-Modified" in its output.

curl -I <file-url>

in: Download the latest version of the file.

Downloads the latest version of the file issuing a curl command under-the-covers.

out: Not supported.