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How to configure Concourse with an HTTP/HTTPS proxy

The problem

Concourse workers require an HTTP/HTTPS proxy to access external artifacts from the internet.

The solution

Deploy Concourse workers with appropriate proxy configuration for the groundcrew job.

- name: worker
  - name: groundcrew
    release: concourse
      http_proxy_url: <http_proxy_url>:<http_proxy_port>
      https_proxy_url: <https_proxy_url>:<http_proxy_port>
      - localhost
      - mydomain.com
      - 10.190

Documentation on accepted groundcrew job's parameters: https://bosh.io/jobs/groundcrew?source=github.com/concourse/concourse#p=http_proxy_url

In order to verify if the proxy configuration was applied after redeploying Concourse with the updates above, intercept the container of a pipeline task and check its environment variables (env command). It should contain the corresponding http_proxy,https_proxy and no_proxy variables along with their configured values from the Concourse deployment manifest.

The garden job has similar parameters which may or may not need to be set.

Note: no_proxy is not always supported for CIDRs. Some libraries will support it and some will not. You can however add IP ranges by doing the following:

10.190  -> will match - the equivalent of

Known issues

  • Problem: Even with proxy config, connectivity fails with a message similar to
    Cloning into /tmp/git-resource-repo-cache\... fatal: unable to access ... : Failed to connect to <proxy_ip> port 1080: Connection timed out
    Possible root cause: socks proxy may be running on a non-standard port.
    Potential solution: explicitly declare the proxy port number in the deployment manifest (even for http and port 80) and re-deploy Concourse.

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