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Documentation & User Guides

This repo is the source for the official PiVPN Documentation.

How to contribute

PiVPN Documentation is powered by MKDocs-Material,

Please refer to MKDocs Documentation and MKDocs-Material Documentation for more detailed information for information on how to install or more detailed documentation

To add a new link on the navigation panel you need to edit the mkdocs.yml file in the root of the repo. There is a guide for building the navbar at mkdocs wiki

To add a new document

  • Navigate to the docs/ directory
  • Create the file using a URL friendly filename. EG. docs/ or docs/guides/
  • Edit your document using Markdown, there are loads of resources available for the correct syntax.

Test your changes

When working on this repo, it is advised that you review your changes locally before committing them. The mkdocs serve command can be used to live preview your changes (as you type) on your local machine.

  • Install MKDocs-Material
  • Fork the repo
  • clone it locally with git clone
  • run mkdocs serve
  • open browser, and access localhost:8000
  • Make your changes and verify them live while you do them
  • Commit code git commit -a, make sure you add a nice message to your commit
  • Push code to your fork git push origin master
  • Make Pull Request

Commit message style

when commiting changes, use Angular commit message format.


Once changes are merged to master branch, CI Pipeline will run and take care of everything. It may take up to 24h until changes are visible on live documentation website.