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; <?php exit; ?> DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE
; If you want to change some of these default values, the best practise is to override
; them in your configuration file in config/config.ini.php. If you directly edit this file,
; you risk losing your changes when you upgrade Piwik.
; For example if you want to override enable_browser_archiving_triggering,
; edit config/config.ini.php and add the following:
; [General]
; enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 0
login = root
password =
host =
username =
password =
dbname =
tables_prefix =
port = 3306
adapter = PDO_MYSQL
; if charset is set to utf8, Piwik will ensure that it is storing its data using UTF8 charset.
; it will add a sql query SET at each page view.
; Piwik should work correctly without this setting.
;charset = utf8
host = localhost
username = root
password =
dbname = piwik_tests
tables_prefix = piwiktests_
port = 3306
adapter = PDO_MYSQL
; if set to 1, the archiving process will always be triggered, even if the archive has already been computed
; this is useful when making changes to the archiving code so we can force the archiving process
always_archive_data_period = 0;
always_archive_data_day = 0;
; if set to 1, all the SQL queries will be recorded by the profiler
; and a profiling summary will be printed at the end of the request
enable_sql_profiler = 0
; if set to 1, a Piwik tag will be included in the Piwik UI footer and will track visits, pages, etc. to idsite = 1
; this is useful for Piwik developers as an easy way to create data in their local Piwik
track_visits_inside_piwik_ui = 0
; Time in seconds after which an archive will be computed again.
; This setting is used only for today's statistics.
; Defaults to 10 seconds so that by default, Piwik provides real time reporting.
time_before_today_archive_considered_outdated = 10
; When loading piwik interface, we redirect the user to 'yesterday' statistics by default
; Possible values: yesterday, today, or any YYYY-MM-DD
default_day = yesterday
; Possible values: day, week, month, year
default_period = day
; When loading piwik interface, Piwik will load by default the CoreHome module
; You can override the setting to force the user to login.
; This is useful when you have some websites view "anonymous" access but you want to
; force users to login instead of viewing the first anonymous website available
default_module_login = 0
; When loading the piwik interface in the browser (as opposed to from the PHP-CLI client)
; should we launch the archiving process if the archives have not yet been processed?
; You want to set it to 0 when triggering the archiving is done through a crontab,
; so that your users do not trigger archiving in their browser when this is not expected
enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 1
; character used to automatically create categories in the "Action" "Downloads" reports
; for example a URL like "" will create
; the page first-post in the subcategory development which belongs to the blog category
action_category_delimiter = /
; this action name is used when the URL ends with a slash /
; it is useful to have an actual string to write in the UI
action_default_name = index
; this action name is used when the URL has no page title or page URL defined
action_default_name_when_not_defined = "page title not defined"
action_default_url_when_not_defined = "page url not defined"
; currency used by default when reporting money in Piwik
; the trailing space is required for php 5.2.x vs 5.3 compatibility
default_currency = "$ "
; if you want all your users to use Piwik in only one language, disable the LanguagesManager
; plugin, and set this default_language (users won't see the language drop down)
default_language = en
; default number of elements in the datatable
datatable_default_limit = 10
; default number of rows returned in API responses
API_datatable_default_limit = 50
; if set to 1, the website selector will be displayed in the Piwik UI
; if your Piwik installation has thousands of websites, you may disable the website selector
; as it slows down the loading of the Piwik UI by setting this value to 0
show_website_selector_in_user_interface = 1
; PHP minimum required version (minimum requirement known to date = ->newInstanceArgs)
minimum_php_version = 5.1.3
; MySQL minimum required version
; note: timezone support added in 4.1.3
minimum_mysql_version = 4.1
; PostgreSQL minimum required version
minimum_pgsql_version = 8.3
; Minimum adviced memory limit in php.ini file (see memory_limit value)
minimum_memory_limit = 128
; login cookie name
login_cookie_name = piwik_auth
; login cookie expiration (30 days)
login_cookie_expire = 2592000
; email address that appears as a Sender in the password recovery email
; if specified, {DOMAIN} will be replaced by the current Piwik domain
login_password_recovery_email_address = "password-recovery@{DOMAIN}"
; name that appears as a Sender in the password recovery email
login_password_recovery_email_name = Piwik
; during archiving, Piwik will limit the number of results recorded, for performance reasons
; maximum number of rows for any of the Referers tables (keywords, search engines, campaigns, etc.)
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_referers = 500
; maximum number of rows for any of the Referers subtable (search engines by keyword, keyword by campaign, etc.)
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_referers = 50
; maximum number of rows for any of the Actions tables (pages, downloads, outlinks)
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_actions = 500
; maximum number of rows for pages in categories (sub pages, when clicking on the + for a page category)
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_actions = 100
; by default, Piwik uses self-hosted AJAX libraries.
; If set to 1, Piwik uses a Content Distribution Network
use_ajax_cdn = 0
; required AJAX library versions
jquery_version = 1.3.2
jqueryui_version = 1.7.2
swfobject_version = 2.2
; If set to 0, Flash widgets require separate HTTP requests
; (i.e., one request to load the JavaScript which instantiates Open Flash Chart; the other request is made by OFC to download the JSON data for the chart)
; If set to 1, Piwik uses a single HTTP request per Flash widget to serve both the widget and data
serve_widget_and_data = 1
; set to 0 if you want to stop tracking the visitors. Useful if you need to stop all the connections on the DB.
record_statistics = 1
; length of a visit in seconds. If a visitor comes back on the website visit_standard_length seconds after his last page view, it will be recorded as a new visit
visit_standard_length = 1800
; visitors that stay on the website and view only one page will be considered staying 10 seconds
default_time_one_page_visit = 10
; if set to 0, any goal conversion will be credited to the last more recent non empty referer.
; when set to 1, the first ever referer used to reach the website will be used
use_first_referer_to_determine_goal_referer = 0
; if set to 1, Piwik will try to match visitors without cookie to a previous visitor that has the same
; configuration: OS, browser, resolution, IP, etc. This heuristic adds an extra SQL query for each page view without cookie.
; it is advised to set it to 1 for more accurate detection of unique visitors.
; However when most users have the same IP, and the same configuration, it is advised to set it to 0
enable_detect_unique_visitor_using_settings = 1
; if set to 1, Piwik attempts a "best guess" at the visitor's country of
; origin when the preferred language tag omits region information.
; The mapping is defined in core/DataFiles/LanguageToCountry.php,
enable_language_to_country_guess = 1
; name of the cookie used to store the visitor information
cookie_name = piwik_visitor
; by default, the Piwik tracking cookie expires in 2 years
cookie_expire = 63072000
; variable name to track any campaign, for example CPC campaign
; Example: If a visitor first visits 'index.php?piwik_campaign=Adwords-CPC' then it will be counted as a campaign referer named 'Adwords-CPC'
campaign_var_name = piwik_campaign
; variable name to track any campaign keyword
; Example: If a visitor first visits 'index.php?piwik_campaign=Adwords-CPC&piwik_kwd=My killer keyword' then it will be counted as a campaign referer named 'Adwords-CPC' with the keyword 'My killer keyword'
campaign_keyword_var_name = piwik_kwd
;possible values for log: screen, database, file
; normal messages
logger_message[] = screen
logger_error[] = screen
logger_exception[] = screen
; if configured to log in files, log files will be created in this path
; eg. if the value is tmp/logs files will be created in /path/to/piwik/tmp/logs/
logger_file_path = tmp/logs
; all calls to the API (method name, parameters, execution time, caller IP, etc.)
; disabled by default as it can cause serious overhead and should only be used wisely
;logger_api_call[] = file
; the list of directories in which to look for templates
template_dir[] = plugins
template_dir[] = themes/default
template_dir[] = themes
plugins_dir[] = core/SmartyPlugins
plugins_dir[] = libs/Smarty/plugins
compile_dir = tmp/templates_c
cache_dir = tmp/cache
; error reporting inside Smarty
error_reporting = E_ALL|E_NOTICE
; allow smarty debugging using {debug}
debugging = 1
Plugins[] = CorePluginsAdmin
Plugins[] = CoreAdminHome
Plugins[] = CoreHome
Plugins[] = API
Plugins[] = Widgetize
Plugins[] = LanguagesManager
Plugins[] = Actions
Plugins[] = Dashboard
Plugins[] = MultiSites
Plugins[] = Referers
Plugins[] = UserSettings
Plugins[] = UserCountry
Plugins[] = VisitsSummary
Plugins[] = VisitFrequency
Plugins[] = VisitTime
Plugins[] = VisitorInterest
Plugins[] = ExampleAPI
Plugins[] = ExamplePlugin
Plugins[] = ExampleRssWidget
Plugins[] = ExampleFeedburner
Plugins[] = ExampleRssWidget
Plugins[] = Provider
Plugins[] = Feedback
Plugins[] = Login
Plugins[] = UsersManager
Plugins[] = SitesManager
Plugins[] = Installation
PluginsInstalled[] = Login
PluginsInstalled[] = CoreAdminHome
PluginsInstalled[] = UsersManager
PluginsInstalled[] = SitesManager
PluginsInstalled[] = Installation
Plugins_Tracker[] = Provider
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