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Commits on Apr 14, 2011
  1. Fixes #1478

    matt committed Apr 14, 2011
     * Adding one sentence to one paragraph description of each API (feedback on the actual test is most welcome!)
     * This will be displayed on the API Reference page: 
    that's why it's pretty important :)
     * Adding table of contents in the API Page
Commits on Feb 23, 2011
  1. Fixing the strange message output in when no segments are …

    matt committed Feb 23, 2011
    …found (default use case)
Commits on Feb 12, 2011
  1. Fixing Notice

    matt committed Feb 12, 2011
  2. Refs #1736 Adding new setting to force the list of Segments to proces…

    matt committed Feb 12, 2011
    …s during cron execution.
     * Test the script in a real setup
     * Write the added logic for the windows script 
    Example in config.ini.php
    ; Pre-process the visitor types segment
Commits on Oct 28, 2010
  1. peephole optimization to singletons, i.e., new self vs. $c = __CLASS_…

    vipsoft committed Oct 28, 2010
    …_; new $c
Commits on Aug 20, 2010
  1. refs #1630

    vipsoft committed Aug 20, 2010
Commits on Jul 28, 2010
  1. Fixes #587

    matt committed Jul 28, 2010
     * Adding automatic crontab task triggered from Tracking requests on piwik.php.
     * Define max frequency in config file, default to 1 try each hour.
     * Will not run if 'Browser archiving' is disabled, as it means the cron is already setup, and it will run scheduled tasks.
     * Note that Scheduled tasks only do not necessarily trigger archiving. The user might still experience slow loading time if he loads Piwik after a long absence. 
    We could consider writing a scheduled tasks that triggers archiving daily for each website
  2. Refs #71

    matt committed Jul 28, 2010
     * Scheduled PDF reports by email work as expected 
      * fixed issue with current week used instead of last finished period, 
      * fixed issue that all recipients were listed in the same TO: field, now sending one email per address.
      * Super user API methods will return all PDF reports by default, but UI now only displays PDF created by Super User.
     * Refs #1184 Better logging of what task was ran and how long it took
     * The API call to run scheduled tasks must also be ported to Powershell refs #1411
Commits on Jul 23, 2010
  1. Fixes #1184 Great patch by Julien Moumne to add Scheduled Task API in…

    matt committed Jul 23, 2010
    … Piwik
     * possibilty to schedule daily/weekly/monthly tasks
     * tasks are executed via the crontab script for now (refs #1411 should be updated to trigger the tasks as well)
     * features the first use case: a Monthly OPTIMIZE TABLE statement ran on all piwik archive tables (to defragment the space after we run the DELETE statements)
     * Next candidates: PDF reports by email, custom Alerts
     * comes his very serious unit testing
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