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empty translations string should default to english (Catalan translation is partially broken) #1003

mattab opened this Issue · 12 comments

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From email:

If you go to piwik online demo and choose catalan language, piwik does not work correctly. Try to go , for exemple, to "referers" tab... You cannot.

I think the translation is bad-formed, I think some errors like characters like which are escaped ç , and that's because it doesn't work.


latest rev in svn worksforme.

matt: can you svn up ?


I updated demo-trunk and is broken too (look at Referers>Overview which doesn't load)

Note: we should update unit test to detect this broken use case.


In [1493], Add missing widget category name.


I think the proper fix is to eliminate the translation of the widget category name in Piwik_Add():

        $widgetCategory = Piwik_Translate($widgetCategory);

because many of the widget category names are neither translated nor translateable:

'Example Widgets'
'Visits Summary'

scratch that... I forgot category names are used in Widgetize.


p.s. to explain the bug/fix: because the translated string was "", json_encode (on discarded the UserSettings widgets when serializing. On my server, json_encode used "" for the widget category name.


In [1495], refs #1003; use translation strings for consistency


The translation manager should have used the english translation if the original translation string was "empty" - does your comment mean that this is not working as expected?


The translation manager uses the English string if the translation string is not defined (see array_merge). In the Catalan translation, it was defined as an empty string.


reopening it's a quick fix


In [1501], fixes #1003 - filter empty translations


In [1502], refix #1003

In [1503], refs #1003 - filter empty translations when counting percentage translated

@mattab mattab added this to the Piwik 0.4.4 milestone
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