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Link to Module SitesManager is not shown #1005

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Anonymous Piwik user Anthon Pang
Anonymous Piwik user

After some automatic updates the link to the page index.php?module=AdminHome&module=SitesManager&idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday is not available in the backend any more.

If I call it manual the site is shown.

I'm running Piwik 0.4.3

Keywords: SitesManager

Anthon Pang

There's a typo in your URL... you have the module= param twice. You'll have to update your bookmarks: AdminHome became CoreAdminHome.

Anonymous Piwik user

Yeah, thats the problem... I have to guess the link, but I think it should be on a prominent place somewhere in the admin backend...

BTW: If the tracker shows me the buttons to reopen a issue it also should allow me to reopen it - i don't need to see them if cannot change the state!

Anthon Pang

You shouldn't have to guess the link. If you click on "Settings", the admin screen has a tab for "Web Sites".

Anonymous Piwik user

No, it hasn't I only see the list of plugins and no more links than on the main site of piwik.

Anthon Pang

Please post the [PluginsInstalled] section of your config.ini.php.

Then delete config.ini.php. The Installation screen will pop up when you visit your dashboard. Here, Piwik will recreate your config.ini.php. Select "Reuse existing tables".

Anonymous Piwik user

ok, here it is:

PluginsInstalled[] = Login
PluginsInstalled[] = AdminHome
PluginsInstalled[] = UsersManager
PluginsInstalled[] = SitesManager
PluginsInstalled[] = Installation
PluginsInstalled[] = API
PluginsInstalled[] = Widgetize
PluginsInstalled[] = Home
PluginsInstalled[] = Actions
PluginsInstalled[] = Dashboard
PluginsInstalled[] = Referers
PluginsInstalled[] = UserSettings
PluginsInstalled[] = UserCountry
PluginsInstalled[] = VisitsSummary
PluginsInstalled[] = VisitFrequency
PluginsInstalled[] = VisitTime
PluginsInstalled[] = VisitorInterest
PluginsInstalled[] = ExamplePlugin
PluginsInstalled[] = Provider
PluginsInstalled[] = Feedback
PluginsInstalled[] = CoreHome
PluginsInstalled[] = CoreUpdater
PluginsInstalled[] = CoreAdminHome
PluginsInstalled[] = CorePluginsAdmin
PluginsInstalled[] = LanguagesManager
PluginsInstalled[] = Live
PluginsInstalled[] = DBStats
PluginsInstalled[] = Goals
PluginsInstalled[] = PluginsAdmin

Anonymous Piwik user

After recreating the config.ini.php the the link is available.

Anthon Pang

In [1504], refs #1005 - delete obsolete directories (during update process)

Anonymous Piwik user anonymous-piwik-user added this to the Piwik 0.4.4 milestone
This issue was closed.
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