readlink -f illegal operation under FreeBSD7.1 #1033

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in misc/cron/ line 26:

PIWIK_CRON_FOLDER=dirname $(readlink -f ${0})

Gives an error:
readlink: illegal option -- f
usage: readlink [file ...
usage: dirname string

Testing readlink on Scientific Linux SL release 5.3

readlink -f /path/to/file

also gives an error

readlink: Need exactly one argument.
Try `readlink --help' for more information.


Remove the -f and report back to us.


man readlink says:
'When invoked as readlink, only the target of the symbolic link is
printed. If the given argument is not a symbolic link, readlink will
print nothing and exit with an error.'

I've changed it to
PIWIK_CRON_FOLDER=dirname ${0}

To make my local version work


Ah yes, thanks for the reminder. That's why we use -f.


act_path() {
    local pathname="$1"
    readlink -f "$pathname" 2>/dev/null || \
    realpath "$pathname" 2>/dev/null || \
    type -P "$pathname" 2>/dev/null

ARCHIVE=`act_path ${0}`

The above works for me on FreeBSD and Scientific Linux SL

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ogs22, do you think you could submit a version that works on freebsd-SL linux and on debian/other linux? it would be very useful. Thanks


Sorry yes I should have said the above code should work on any Linux version the original code worked on as it tries the readlink -f first.

I'll attach the modified

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

ogs22, could you post a diff instead of the full file please? thx


In [1568], fixes #1033 - patch; thanks ogs22

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