Installer to check that all files are uploaded correctly during install / upgrades #1097

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Support issue: users who upload (eg recursive ftp put) an already extracted Piwik folder. Files missing or corrupt.


  • build script: generate file manifest with filesizes (and optional checksum)
  • installation/upgrade: iterate thru manifest and verify integrity of installation
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Marking it as feature request. This is an interesting improvement (I've seen it in Gallery installer before), but can take many seconds to execute, and adds a bit of overhead on the release process. If someone wants to grab the task and build it, please let us know.


Change to build script:

  cp piwik/misc/How\ to\ install\ Piwik.html .
  cp piwik/misc/WebAppGallery/*.xml .

+ find . -printf '%s ' -exec md5sum {} \; >config/manifest
  zip -r piwik-$ piwik How\ to\ install\ Piwik.html  > /dev/null 2> /dev/null

Revised manifest generator for build script:

find piwik -type f -printf '%s ' -exec md5sum {} \; | fgrep -v '' | sed '1,$ s/\([0-9]*\) \([a-z0-9]*\) *piwik\/\(.*\)/\t\t"\3" => array("\1", "\2"),/; 1 s/^/<?php\nclass Manifest {\n\tstatic $files=array(\n/; $ s/$/\n\t);\n}/' > piwik/config/

Timings from an (ancient) Athlon 1.4GHz test box:

  • Generating the took 11.117 seconds on a clean (svn export) folder.
  • Loading, iterating through the files, and running file_exists/file_size/md5_file took 0.541 seconds.
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For the UI part, I suggest that if the test fails, a red icon appears in the system checklist page. If it passes, it is just one more green item in the list (with required functions and librairies).


(In [1756]) refs #1097 - file integrity check (optional) added to Installation. A warning is given if or md5_file() don't exist.

Matt: please update the build script with the 'find' in comment:6 and then mark this ticket as fixed.


Attachment: Standalone integrity test script


Attachment: Sample (generated) (using piwik 0.5.4)


(In [1757]) refs #1097 - exclude development environments; translate exception messages

more php docs


(In [1758]) refs #1097 - reorganize code to better accommodate an integrity check after an upgrade (not yet implemented in CoreUpdater)

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before marking as fixed, integrity check must happen during upgrades too. I will update the release script once this is code complete, nice work on this, this was a very frequent support issue.


(In [1764]) refs #1097 - check file integrity after updates; simplify some messages (e.g., md5 sum)


(In [1765]) refs #1097 - refactoring


I think this will be a really great feature.
Thanks a real lot !

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Anthon, is the piwik code ready for this new feature? is the only thing left the one line update to the build script?


Matt: yes, it's ready.

While you're at it, please also add a line to the build script to remove unit test directories under the plugins folder.

  rm -rf piwik/tests/*
+ find piwik/plugins -name tests -type d -exec rm -rf {} \;
  mv README.txt piwik/tests/
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I added the find to delete the tests plugins folders and I get:

find: piwik/plugins/UsersManager/tests: No such file or directory
find: piwik/plugins/UserSettings/tests: No such file or directory
find: piwik/plugins/Actions/tests: No such file or directory
find: piwik/plugins/LanguagesManager/tests: No such file or directory
find: piwik/plugins/UserCountry/tests: No such file or directory
find: piwik/plugins/AnonymizeIP/tests: No such file or directory
find: piwik/plugins/SitesManager/tests: No such file or directory

is that expected?

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good stuff Anthon! closing


Yes, expected because 'find' is diving through folders while we remove it. We can suppress the messages using redirection, e.g, 2> /dev/null, or use xargs (if you don't mind the extra process being spawned), e.g.,

find piwik/plugins -name tests -type d -exec rm -rf {} \; 2>/dev/null

find piwik/plugins -name tests -type d -print0 | xargs -0 /bin/rm -rf
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(In [1944]) Refs #1097
adding explanation when failure occurs, inviting user to reupload the files

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