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set_include_path cannot override php_admin_value include_path #1312

robocoder opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Anthon Pang
Anthon Pang

Since php 5.2.5, set_include_path cannot override an include path set using php_admin_value. Some hosting providers haven't clued in.

  • remove require_once from Zend Framework (continuation of #803)
  • change include/require in libs/HTML and libs/Smarty to not depend on include path
Anthon Pang

[2117], refs #1312 - replace Zend_Loader::isReadable() with simple is_readable() since paths are absolute; reduce core dependencies on Zend_Loader

Anthon Pang

(In [2118]) fixes #1312

  • index.php, piwik.php - no longer set include path
  • libs/Zend - comment out require_once per n/performance.classloading.html
  • libs/Zend - comment out some redundant Zend_Loader::loadClass() calls
  • libs/HTML - use absolute include paths
  • libs/open-flash-chart/php-ofc-library - use absolute include paths
Anthon Pang

[2119] fixes a couple of unit tests

Anthon Pang robocoder added this to the Piwik 0.6 milestone
Anthon Pang robocoder self-assigned this
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