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Visitor Generator should update website ts_created field with earliest date #1373

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1) Create a site

2) Generate visits for 2 days (ie. set $daysToCompute to 2 in /misc/generateVisits.php#15)

3) Access dashboard

4) Setting the calendar to day n-1 is not permitted even though there is data generated for that day

Proposal: In /trunk/core/Controller.php#322 replace $this->site->getCreationDate()->getDatetime(); by a query to the database to get the oldest date from the database.

If an "import piwik data" functionality would be developed later on, data older than the creation date of a site could be created. The same issue would occur.


Since the Site record is already loaded (i.e., avoid adding a new, potentially slow, query) and rather than deprecating this column, an alternative would be to add a method to change ts_created to reflect the earliest date for generated/imported data.

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Wouldn't it be useful to leave untouched the ts_created field if one day the initial value is needed ?

It may be wise to keep the two concepts well separated. One date is the site administrative creation date within a particular instance of piwik (ts_created). The other date is the earliest known visit recorded for the website.


Not really, since getCreationDate() loses its meaning/intent/value if the database is populated with older data. In these cases, I suspect we have to add code to reprocess the archives.

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agreed with vipsoft, it would be easier to update the ts_created time directly at the end of the visit generator process (less overhead, and the ts_created is not really useful if the user created fake visits anyway... as this is probably a fake/testing/temporary piwik website)

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What implementation is preferred now?

Should the Visitor Generator:

  • send a plain SQL-Query to the database and change ts_created?
  • call a new API method (or: updateSite(.., ts_created = '') ) to update ts_created?
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ts_created cant be updated via API (not logical) so you can do it manually, or refactor in Core the following code from Integration->createWebsite

        // Manually set the website creation date to a day earlier than the earliest day we record stats for
                                            array('ts_created' => Piwik_Date::factory($dateTime)->subDay(1)->getDatetime()),
                                            "idsite = $idSite"

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confusing and easy to fix, let's do it

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(In [3660]) Fixes #1373

@JulienMoumne JulienMoumne added this to the Piwik 1.2 milestone
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