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upgradephp - unit test failures #1498

robocoder opened this Issue · 7 comments

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If the json extension is disabled (e.g., --disable-json) or missing (e.g., for php 5.1.x, json is an optional PECL extension), the unit tests fail due to differences in the compatibility function. (One of the failures may be a bug.)


It looks like all tests but 1 are failign because of encoding differences of utf8 characters, which is OK

one bug however fails because numeric indexes are not exported in the array, as expected

string(150) "{"Limitation":["Multi dimensional arrays is only supported by format=JSON","Known limitation"],"Second Dimension":[true,false,1,0,152,"test",["end"]]}"

string(155) "{"Limitation":["Multi dimensional arrays is only supported by format=JSON","Known limitation"],"Second Dimension":[true,false,1,0,152,"test",{"42":"end"}]}"

very low priority bug as all API arrays should never rely on numeric indexes anyway. vote for wontfix...


We'll have to figure out a workaround. When Hudson is fully configured, the php 5.1.x builds will be continuously failing as a result, and at the moment, Piwik claims to still support php 5.1.3 and above.


for the numeric index, i'll remove this test case from the array.

can you think of a solution to encoding issues? otherwise, we can hijack these tests for this specific build ;)


because don't get me wrong, I want hudson sunny before 1.0 :)


(In [3230]) fixes #1498


(In [3236]) refs #1498 - really fix it this time

@robocoder robocoder added this to the Piwik 1.1 milestone
This issue was closed.
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