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Can't load dashboard or add widgets to empty dashboard #1501

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 7 comments

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The add widget button is just non-functional and all widgets seem to have been lost since the 0.6.3->0.6.4 update


Probably dupe of #1497 can you please try the solution there?


well at least it's not fixed by updating the AssetsManager and killing tmp/*


Ok can you please send piwik URL + login/pwd at matt atttt ?


hm it's a bit hard, won't happen with a new account but is still reproducible with my login -- but I'd rather not send the admin login to someone on the net. I'll digg and see if I can get it to appear with the teporary account.


Empty your browser cache, and delete the files in tmp/assets/*.

Look in piwik_user_dashboard. Make a copy of your layout for the new account (changing the login field). Then login with the new account.


In the user_dashboard layout, the array contains a widget without parameters. Excerpt from var_dump():

    object(stdClass)#3 (1) {
      string(36) "widgetVisitsSummarygetEvolutionGraph"

(In [2812]) fixes #1501

This issue was closed.
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