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Loading… memory issue with yearly reports, works when archiving months separately #1540

anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue · 6 comments

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line 75 in (from piwik 0.8) reads

for period in day week year; do

but probably should read

for period in day week month year; do


year processes months


well, in my case, it didn't.

first of all, before i added "month" to the for loop, my monthy reports would run into a "maximum memory size exceeded" error, after adding it and running again this error disappeared.

secondly, attached are two outputs of, one with "month" added an one without, there is a significant difference in the two outputs.


Attachment: output with month added


Attachment: output without month (from distribution .zip)


interesting that it helped to run monthly archives first. It actually makes sense. However, I confirm that in a normal use case this is not necessary.


(In [2837]) Fixes #1540
Thanks for the tip gereon_s

This issue was closed.
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