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Tracker API improvements : enable set IP and set server date & time #1553

mattab opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Tracker API allows to record visits, pages and goal conversions using http rest API. Commonly users would have a webserver make the request to Piwik to record visits. This causes piwik to read the visit/page/goal conversion IP as being the server IP issuing the request to piwik.

This could cause discrepancies or generally wrong user data. It would be nice to be able to customize the IP and server time that Piwik uses in the tracker.

It is critical that these 2 attributes can only be set by the Super User, otherwise anyone could record fake time/ fake IP visits in a piwik instance. I suggest we check and require super user token_auth in the piwik.php request to allow setting IP + server time.

Note that in tests, we already set these 2 parameters. To allow this, the proxy-piwik.php hack is used. This mechanism could then be removed to use the token_auth mechanism.


Note: Image tracker (simple or advanced) solutions are not affected by the "wrong IP" issue, as the browser itself does the request to Piwik, so IP is set correctly to visitor IP.


Is there any updates? Will this feature implemented in next release.


No update yet. Not planned for 1.1, but I'll put it on the current milestone so that it has higher near-term visibility.


Who is current owner of this feature?


Matt or myself... whoever gets to it first. Of course, you're welcome to submit a patch... ;)


Attachment: Allow overriding ip & serverdate time in Tracking API if proper super user token_auth given.


@vipsoft a patch resolving the issue attached


Thanks, maciej. (Don't you still have commit privileges?)

In r3945, fixes #1553. Accidentally checked in with piwik.js changes for #2072.

@mattab mattab added this to the Piwik 1.2 milestone
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This issue was closed.
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