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Goals Loading... never stops #1570

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In 0.9, with Firefox 3.6.8.

Starting with no goals, if I create a goal, the "Loading" icon spins and the screen doesn't refresh. The menu only shows "Add a new goal". The new goal isn't shown but is in the database and in tmp/cache/tracker/1.php.

Only a manual refresh or switching between top menu bar screens, does the superfish menu update to show: "Overview" and the new goal.

Similar problem if editing a goal, but not when deleting.

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

I think this is due to missing permissions in tmp/cache/tracker/

The goal create should update the cache file there, which is then read by UI to show submenus for each goal. I don't think we currently check that tmp/cache/tracker is writable so there is a buggy edge case there maybe?


My files are up-to-date and the permissions are correct. I was reproducing the problem reported in the forum.

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

vipsoft, if you delete files in tmp/cache/tracker, do you still only see "Add a new goal" ? If the goal is recorded in the DB, this is definitely a new bug...


ah... found the problem... if 'updated=1' is already in the url, subsequent changes to goals doesn't refresh the screen


(In [2917]) fixes #1570 by incrementing update counter


(In [2918]) refs #1570

@robocoder robocoder added this to the Piwik 0.9.9 - Stable release milestone
This issue was closed.
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